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Hi I`m Adam. I`m a Mix Engineer at Symmetry. Please feel free to include some background in your emails as I enjoy reading and learning about you and your creative journey. Here`s mine:


I have been in alt/indie bands, and worked as a solo musician for over 15 years (Vocals/Guitar/awful Piano).  I`ve Been in a pro, signed band, so I understand the importance of making the right impression with your music, right from the start. And I also understand that getting your recorded song(s) to sound like what you hear in your head, can be an extremely challenging and frustrating process! That frustration is what initially led me down the path of being a Mix Engineer eleven years ago. I`ve built up lots of time, experience, and understanding since then. 


Its all about making the right impression with your music, right from the start. And it really does have to sound great by the time its finished, to be taken seriously.

So make sure it is great. Make sure it`s something that sounds like it could, and should be on a radio playlist. This means being really honest with yourself. Ask yourself..

  • Do my finished mixes really compete with those pro mixes I hear on radio/spotify/itunes? 

  • Are they of the same sound quality?

  • Are the vocals as clear, ,consistent, as upfront and controlled, with clear, professional fx ?

  • Does it have the same clarity?

  • Is the low end as punchy?


 The end result is all that people will hear, so isn`t it paramount to make sure that this final mix presents your music in the best possible light?.. If you think so, then....

Don`t cut corners or take short cuts. Make it the absolute best it can be from start to finish. Arrange well, record and produce your best possible performances yes absolutely, but then have it mixed and mastered professionally, and you`ll find that people will pay attention to your music for all the right reasons.

I will balance your tracks, and I particularly specialise in mixing Vocals and Vocal effects, to the professional level you need (crucial when competing with that `pro` sound you hear on radio/streaming sites/etc)

I`d like to help you get your finished track(s), to sound the way you that you envisioned it when you created it. I will help enable and support you by answering any questions, in a patient/sensitive/timely manner. Songs and performances are very personal to each of us, and I`d love to play a part in helping you to realise your vision. So get in touch!   I look forward to hearing your stuff.